ATTENTION: All who clean at home themselves

"HOW TO clean, remove & kill germs, bacteria and viruses from any surfaces with a single wipe only…"

…WITHOUT using a single drip of disinfectants.

Did you know that according to a poll in 2020,
84% of the households wrongly disinfect
their daily used surfaces like doorknobs, sink, dining table, bathroom, kitchen? So Instead of the hoped-for effect of having disinfected the surface in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, preventing the loved ones from infection....

..germs, bacteria and viruses are NOT killed because of incorrect use of disinfectants, and the use of cheap insufficient microfiber towels.

That means: Germs viruses and bacteria can be transferred to other surfaces instead and spread.

Private households, especially families, are in highest danger of infection by viruses, bacteria and germs and their further spread, if their homes are not cleaned and disinfected properly.

International studies prove that the current Corona virus spreading mostly happens in the private area at home.

Fortunately, there's a solution.

And beside the actual corona pandemic situation worldwide, don`t you think that hygienic disinfection at home, on the go, or at work is more important than ever before?

We think it is important now and will be important in the future! And therefore....

Introducing Queenwipes™

The revolutionary, PREMIUM ultra power hygienic cleaning cloth

Queenwipes ™ instantly cleans and

multib funtion queenwipes

from any surface



Forget about:

USING AGGRESSIVE CHEMICALS to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Aggressive disinfectant smell and health harming spray fog inhaled.

wasting time and spending $$$ on expensive disinfectants and low-quality cleaning cloths.

using a variety of different cloths to clean surfaces to avoid spreading germs and bacteria.

Queenwipes ™ Crushes the Competition

Although Queenwipes ™ isn’t the only hygienic cleaning solution for surfaces on the market, it’s the best and healthiest!


Because the Queenwipes Ultra power hygienic cleaning cloth offers the same effect without using a single drip of disinfectant.

However, if you want to AVOID the mistakes most of the people do AND get an instant cleaning and disinfection solution, you need to do more than spray disinfectant on a surface, or waist your time waiting for disinfectant to work.


Clean and disinfect any surface with a single wipe!

Since hygiene and disinfection is an absolute must, especially in the current worldwide pandemic and since disinfection chemicals are not always the nonplus ultra, we have the right solution for ultra-fast and ultra-intensive surface disinfection anytime – anywhere !

Say Hello to

the AMAZING QUEENWIPES ™ microfiber superpower cloth.

I know what you're probably thinking right now....

...Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know Queenwipes ™ do work as described??

queenwipes lab tested

by accredited professional labs

This has been lab tested and scientifically proven several times by various leading, accredited European Labs and University.

To understand what makes Queenwipes ™ such a superpower cleaning and disinfection cloth, let me show you how it works:

Wipe the Queenwipes cloth over the surface to be cleaned.


Dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses on the surface are easily absorbed by the Queenwipes’ special ultra-effective microfibers and are held in between them. The fibers are up to 300 times thinner than a human hair and refined with special copper pigments.

As soon as the germs, viruses and bacteria have been absorbed by the fibers, the copper pigments begin their work.

Over 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria caught and held by the Queenwipes cleaning cloth are inactivated in a very short time and are no longer passed on. The great danger of germs being transferred during cleaning is thus significantly reduced. Likewise, the viruses and bacteria in the wipes can no longer multiply.

Clean and disinfect any kind of surface by a simple wipe.

Queenwipes ™ is super easy-to-use.

The FASTEST Way to clean and disinfect surfaces from dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses including corona virus

Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time.

While it can work that way, it doesn't have to.

Not when you are using Queenwipes with its revolutionary technology, developed by leading engineers over the past years.

Think about it.

By using Queenwipes it will leave a hygienically clean surface with a simple damp wipe and remove dirt, dust and grime as well as 99.9% germs, bacteria and viruses, in one step.

Not in in 60 seconds.

Not in in 5 minutes.

Not in 10 minutes.

Just use Queenwipes ™ for your regularly cleaning and gain an INSTANT EFFECT .

Imagine What It Would Be Like...

What if ... would be able to carry this cleaning and disinfection solution always with you and fits in every pocket? would be able from now on to hygienically clean and disinfect any kind of surface within seconds as easy as dusting ?

... you dont need to use any disinfectant, and clean just with water and a cloth, tested and certified by a variety of independent European laboratories and a special medical division of an international University?

You can have all of these things with Queenwipes ™ !

How Do I Know Queenwipes ™ Works?

lab tested


...the cloths are tested and prove to work by leading European accredited laboratories like WEBER & LEUCHT, EUROVIR, OFI, HOHENSTEIN INSTITUTE and MTC for different bacteria, germs and viruses!

Kills and disinfect corona virus from surfaces at home

Labs confirming: Queenwipes™ removes and deactivates:

  • bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichis coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Multi-resistant bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus MRSA
  • Enveloped viruses: TGEV coronavirus Uncoated viruses / bacteriophages:
  • Escherichia phage MS2

  • WITHOUT the need of a single drop of disinfectant.

    That's why I love Queenwipes ™.

    Why are you going to love Queenwipes ™?

    Because it is the revolutionary way to clean and disinfect any surface at home, on the go, at work, or simply wherever you might feel to have a clean surface.

    With Queenwipes ™, You'll Get:

    And the best thing is: As soon as these are absorbed into the cloth, they are deactivated by the copper technology in a short time and no longer spread to other surfaces!

    Yes, you read correctly:

    Simple wiping without DISINFECTANTS is now enough to clean your surfaces at home from germs, bacteria and viruses.

    We explain it to you a little more detailed right now:

    Over 99.9% of the viruses germs and bacteria

    caught and held by the Queenwipes cloth inbetween their ultra thin microfibres (300 times thinner than a human hair!), are inactivated and are no longer passed on.

    This is done by the special copper particles

    integrated in the microfibres. These particles are totally harmless to humans and animals but destroy the cells and kill the virus and bacteria in a short time because of the natural super power effect of copper.

    The great danger of

    germs, bacteria and viruses being carried over during cleaning is thus extremely reduced. Likewise, the viruses and bacteria can no longer multiply when the cloths are left in place.

    Queenwipes makes disinfection as simple as never before and combines all previously necessary work steps into one for ultra-fast, easy and extremely effective cleaning with integrated disinfection of germs, bacteria and viruses.

    But that's not all...

    Queenwipes makes disinfection as simple as never before and combines all previously necessary work steps into one for ultra-fast, easy and extremely effective cleaning with integrated disinfection of germs, bacteria and viruses.

    Try Queenwipes ™ now, and you'll also receive a special bonus!

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    multib funtion queenwipes

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    Multi Reusable Cloths save water and money

    The best Swipe Cloth for your best cleaning!

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