Do I have to wash the Queenwipes™ cloth in the washing machine after each use?


It is important that you wash the Queenwipes™ cloth with water each time you use it. This rinses out the dirt and inactivated viruses and bacteria and allows the cloth to absorb new dirt and other viruses and bacteria. In between, clean the cloth in the washing machine.

How do I wash the Queenwipes™ cloth in the washing machine?

Like all microfiber cloths, it is best to wash it in a laundry net at up to 140°F (60°C) degrees with a common detergent.

Do not use fabric softener, it seals and destroys the fine microfibers.

Do not use a dryer.

How often can I wash the Queenwipes™ cloth in the washing machine?

The Super Power Effect thanks to the special copper particles remains effective up to 100 washing machine cycles.

Can the Queenwipes™ cloth scratch during cleaning?

The microfiber cloth itself and the copper pigments cannot leave scratch marks. The microfiber itself is a very soft fiber. The copper pigments are not copper shavings, but liquefied copper that has been permanently bonded to the fibers. However, the absorbed dirt particles in the cloth can cause scratches. It is therefore important to wash a microfiber cloth with water again and again during use so that the dirt is rinsed out of the fibers.

Is the Queenwipes™ cloth a simple microfiber equipped with copper?

No. The microfiber is given a particularly gentle and effective surface in a unique circular knitting process.

It is also an extremely thin microfiber, which means that the cloth can absorb a great deal of dirt and liquid.

For comparison: this special microfiber is about 300 times thinner than a human hair.

Can I still use a cleaning agent or disinfectant with the Queenwipes™ wipes?

Yes, but it must not be an acidic detergent or disinfectant, but a neutral or alkaline one (pH value over 7).

What are acidic cleaning agents?

Acidic cleaning agents (pH-value below 7) are mainly effective against rust, lime and urine scale. Examples are limescale remover, WC cleaner.
Alkaline cleaning agents are effective against grease and oils. Examples are all-purpose cleaners, hand dishwashing detergents.